Wednesday, January 26, 2005

IQ Test

I did a Tickle's IQ Test today because I was curious about the score.

The results:

IQ 135
You are a Visual Mathematician.

This means you are gifted at spotting patterns. This and your overall high intelligence make you good at understanding the big picture.

When I finished doing the test, I was wondering what the number really means to me. It's good to know that IQ 135 is considered to be Gifted (2.3%) but then it was just a number and it didn't determine my destiny, success or happiness in life. A wise friend once told me that no matter how high my IQ is, it's nothing without discipline, responsibility, perseverance and love.

1. Be curious about yourself. Get to know and understand yourself even more.
2. Never let a number or score define your life or destiny.

Learn and Grow!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Yellow Car and Yellow Water

On the way to work this morning, I saw a yellow car in front of me opened its right back door. I thought it had hit the curb and the passenger wanted to have a look. After a while, instead of somebody actually coming out, I saw a stream of yellow water…. I recognised it instantly! Urine! Somebody actually urinated from inside the car! HA HA HA HA! I assumed that it was a boy who just couldn'’t hold it any longer because of the long traffic jam on the way.

1. If you bring a child in the car, remember to bring a plastic bag. Just in case, you are stuck in the traffic and your child need to relieve himself/herself.
2. Funny things can happen anytime anywhere…...Seize the moment! Laugh! Smile!

The Mystery of a Wooden Box

What's inside the box?

Yesterday I saw this small wooden package sitting on my desk. I was curious to know who sent me this mysterious looking package. The sender was my mum!!

I called my mum asking what's inside the box. She said that it was just a small gift. Then I asked her the reason for securing it with wood and nails? Mum: "Wood?? Nails?? I didn't ask them to use any wood or nails."

It turned out that the wooden panel was the courier's initiative because my mum said that the content was fragile. My mum was afraid that if she didn't emphasis it was fragile, the package would be thrown and tossed around.

I really appreciate their initiative and customer service, as well as for having the customer's need in mind. Thank you!

1. Take the initiative to give the best service to customers
2. Walk the extra mile to help your customers
3. It is better to take the extra precaution rather than regretting it later

Learn and Grow!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Yahoo! Desktop Search Beta

I haven't organised my computer files for weeks and they are all over the place. Sometimes I just can't remember where I have saved a file and I need to open a lot of folders to find it, thus wasting my precious time. I think I need to get a software like Yahoo! Desktop Search Beta to find my files. At the moment, I am still downloading the program. I will see whether it would meet or even exceed my expectation after installing it.

1. Organise your computer files at least monthly. Have a system for naming and categorising your files.
2. If you can't be bothered with organising your files, then get a desktop search program to help you find your files.
3. Try different programs and see which one suits your needs

Learn and Grow!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Oops! I Drove Past the Parking Ticket Box.

Yesterday I drove to the airport to pick up some business collegues. Since I was emotionally distracted, when I entered into the parking lot, I just drove past the box where I was supposed to collect the parking ticket. I actually stopped at the parking ticket booth and was going to ask the lady who was sitting in the booth to give me the parking ticket. Then I realised that I was mistaken and I reversed back to collect the ticket from the box.

At that time I felt so silly to make a mistake like that. I definitely learnt some lessons from this incident.

1. Do not drive if you are emotionally distracted, for example when you are angry or upset. It influences your judgement and it may endanger your live and the lives of others.
2. I would like to apologise for my reckless driving to a friend of mine. I'm sorry.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Nokia 6585 and StarOne

In December, I applied for a Star One number because they had a special offer with free registration and other things. I received the RUIM card on 30th December 2004 but I couldn't use it because I haven't got a handset.

I went looking for a suitable handset that could accomodate my needs. I browsed the Nokia Asia-Pasific website to see all available models. I set my eyes on Nokia 6255, a full-feature flip phone. Unfortunately, it was not available in Indonesia yet. Finally I chose Nokia 6585 because it was great for texting.

When I wanted to buy the Nokia 6585 handset in early January, all the stores didn't have any stock...all sold out.

Last Sunday I went to the mall to see whether it was available. I went from one store to another and it was either sold out or offered at relatively a higher price. Finally when I found that one store had two handsets available, I just bought one. I was able to get it at a reasonable price too.

I think the increase of price could be the result of higher demands or stores waiting for a price increase in near future. I believe it is latter.

Anyway I got my phone already. The next few days, I will be customising it to suit my preferences.

1. Do your research before buying anything.
2. Seize the opportunity when you see it. Don't let it pass by.
3. Sometimes you need to make a decision fast.

Learn and Grow!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Computer Virus and Spyware

A friend of mine asked me to have a look at her niece's computer because it crashes quite often. I suspected that it was infected by computer viruses and spywares.

When we went to her house to check on the computer, we brought a full arsenal of anti-virus and spyware removal software, as well as other utilities. We thought we'd find a couple of viruses and spywares. When I booted up the system and tried to install the antivirus software, it started scanning all drives for virus infection that might hinder the installation. When we saw the scan, we were shocked by the outcome. Personally I've never encountered more than 5 viruses in my own computer. This time it was different. The scan actually FOUND 1500 VIRUSES. After the virus scan, we installed the spyware detection and removal software. A full system scan found at least 225 SPYWARES! I just deleted them all.

This was a record breaking for me...more than 1500 viruses and 225 spywares. No wonder the computer crashes all the time.

After we clean all the infected files, we installed antivirus and spyware immunisation programs. We could only hope it would protect the computer adequately. I also told my friend's niece to be careful when downloading software from the internet because it could be infected with virus and spyware.

1. Always install antivirus and spyware removal programs to protect your computer.
2. Don't forget to update your virus or spyware definition files.
3. Be careful downloading anything from the web. Only install if you trust the source.
4. Learn to protect your children from negative or offensive websites by installing child control software.

Learn and Grow!

Another Mixed Up

The story about liquid soap reminded me of another incident that happened to my sister.

A few months ago my mum received a Mark&Spencer gift set from a friend. It was a personal care set with Rose fragrance. My mum gave the body lotion to my sister. After using it for one week, my sister complained that the body lotion was not very good, her skin still seemed dry, even itchy sometimes. My sister stopped using the body lotion and returned it to mum.

When our family went to Singapore for a few days, my mum brought the Rose body lotion with her. After my sister had a bath, she asked whether mum had any body lotion to use. My mum gave her the Rose body lotion again. When she started to use it, she noticed her skin foaming. Alas, it was not a body lotion! It was liquid soap! My sister started screaming and calling us to see what happened.

When we saw what had happened, we just started laughing so loud, we just couldn't stop laughing. My sister who was shouting and blaming mum started to laugh too. It was so funny! I think it was our family's most hilarious moment of the year!

No wonder my sister got dry and itchy skin, she had "moisturised" her skin with liquid soap for a week.

As for me, I was wondering how my mum and sister didn't realise that it was liquid soap before. My mum thought it was a moisturiser because on the bottle it was written "moisturizing your skin". My sister also didn't check because mum said it was a body lotion.

1. Always read the label carefully before eating, drinking or even using something
2. Be curious even suspicious if you get an opposite result to what is supposed to happen
3. Have laughing moments with your family. Those are the best in life.

Learn and Grow!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Liquid soap?? Not shampoo?

Two weeks ago, my housemate's brother and sister in law came from overseas and they were staying in the house. In the bathroom, there were two bottles of shampoo, one for normal hair and one for fine hair. Since we used the same bathroom, we just shared those bathroom amenities.

I noticed that only in a few days, my liquid soap was diminishing so fast. I started to wonder whether they were using it for washing their hair because I put my liquid soap in a shampoo bottle for normal hair. I poured the liquid soap to a herbal essence shampoo bottle because the original bottle was not very good. Not only it looked nice, I could also see how much I was using over time.

One day I asked them which shampoo they have been using during their stay. They told me that they have been using the herbal essence shampoo for normal hair which unbeknown to them was MY LIQUID SOAP! Oh la wonder!!

Finally, I told them that it was liquid soap and not shampoo. Fortunately, there was no problem with their hair.

1. Make sure that you notify others if you change the content of a bottle. In this case, it is quite harmless because it's only soap and shampoo. Imagine if it was harmful or poisonous liquid, the result could be catastrophic.
2. If you are unsure about anything, please ask!

Learn and Grow!