Saturday, May 14, 2011

Does the Solution Still Apply?


Last Saturday, five of my friends and I went to Sizzler Kelapa Gading to have  lunch together. After we finished lunch, we wanted to go shopping at Kelapa Gading Mall. Since we were carrying a lot of stuff, we decided to put our things in my car which was parked closest to Sizzler. I told my friend to bring an umbrella from the car because I saw the sky was very cloudy and it was going to rain soon. My friend said no. She said we would only go shopping for a little while. We would’ve finished our shopping before the rain started.

By the time we finished shopping, we saw that it was raining heavily. It was impossible to get to the car without being soaked wet. One of us suggested renting an umbrella to get to the car. Another one suggested to get a driver to pick us up. We argued whether the car was big enough for the six of us with additional child and baby sitter. We started walking towards Mall 3 while discussing the best solution to our problem.

After 15 minutes or so, we finally decided to rent an umbrella to get to the car. When we walked back to Mall 1 and arrived at the door, we saw that the rain had completely stopped! There was no need to rent an umbrella at all.

By the time we reached a decision and had a solution to our problem, the problem had solved itself!


  • Sometimes we waste so much time and energy discussing, arguing about solutions to our problem, by the time we make a decision, the problem has changed and our solution is not applicable anymore
  • Sometimes a problem can solved itself if we give it time. Our impatience often creates more complications to a simple problem. It does not mean that we do nothing at all, but we should make our decision with a cool and composed mind.

Learn and Grow!