Sunday, October 05, 2008

What’s in Your Bag – Flickr Group

what is in my bag

Yesterday I added this photo to What’s in Your Bag Flickr Group. These are the basic things that I bring everyday. I also bring my Canon G9 (it is not in the photo because I use it to take this photo HAHAHA)

What’s in my Elle bag:

  1. Red Louis Vuitton wallet that I received for my birthday present in year 2000. In the eight years, I only use it for special occasion. I started to use it as everyday wallet only this year.
  2. Three mobiles – Nokia 6230i, Nokia E51, Nokia 2505 CDMA. I use the Nokia 6230i for my personal number , Nokia E51 for work, IM and internet, Nokia 2505 for cheap CDMA calls.
  3. Calling cards – it is used for coaching to help my clients find their life calling and align it with their jobs.
  4. PDA HP iPaq 4700. It is for PIM (personal info management),  bible, e-books, and play games.
  5. iPod Nano 1st generation with Razer in-ear earphone for listening to music, audio book or recorded lectures.
  6. Timberland journal cover for my daily journal. It is the best! I haven’t found anything more useful than this one.
  7. Pilot G-2 0.5 pen and Faber Castell 2B pencil with sharpener cap and eraser. The sharpener cap is just perfect because not only it prevents the pencil from marking everything else, it is a very compact sharpener.
  8. Brown moleskine wannabe for sketching and free drawing.
  9. Mint and lipstick
  10. Canon G9 camera


What’s in my tutoring bag:

  1. Esprit bag – it’s more than 5 years old. It is a bit tattered but it is the perfect size for my tutoring gears.
  2. Small whiteboard and eraser
  3. Blue pencil case for my markers and pens
  4. Whiteboard markers, red pens, black pens and a pencil
  5. Attendance card for each student. It is very important to keep track because some of them do not have tutoring every week.
  6. Chinese-English, English-Chinese dictionary – my trusted companion. I bought it in Beijing in 1998 – 10 years already!
  7. Graph paper notebook for lesson plan
  8. Chinese stroke chart for teaching
  9. Appropriate textbooks for different students

Do you find this interesting? If you are interested to see what others have in their bags, go to What's in your bag? Flickr Group.

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