Sunday, March 11, 2012

Love – A Delicious Poison

It has been years…since I fell in love

Have I forgotten how it feels like?

The delight, excitement, happiness…when I am with you

The longing, anxiety, restlessness…when I am away from you

Just being there with you…No words need to be spoken, yet I know how you feel

When our eyes meet…I see the whole world inside you

Our hearts beat together in harmony…through space…through time

Not even distance can keep us apart, not even in my sleep I feel alone…

Every fibre of my being vibrates with yours



this feeling of love…like a delicious poison

intoxicating me with delights while it lasts

shattering my world when it is gone


this feeling of love…a poison I gladly drink

to make my life worth living


written by: NOT AGONISES

Monday, March 05, 2012

Three People, Three Decades, Three Kinds of Tea – A Whole New Mind

cups of tea

Three days, three unique people, born in three different decades, having three kinds of tea, sharing thoughts and creating a whole new mind - That summed up what happened to us.


Two friends of mine,

One 10 years younger, one 10 years older

One right brainer, one left brainer

One loves arts, one loves numbers

Where am I? Somewhere in the middle!

We are similar yet different, we are different yet similar.

That’s why it was so interesting!


It seemed that whatever we discussed or did, we could either empathize, or learn from each other. I felt that by getting to know more about them, from their stories and experience, I learned even more about myself. I hope that through the sharing, our horizon expanded, our feelings enriched, and our mind transformed.

I savored those moments when time seemed to stand still, yet it had flown like the wind…being present and still in the rush of ravaging river. 

May the bond of our friendship last through the ages…until you are 80 years old, I am 90 years old and you are at your 100th year.

Learn and Grow!

Inge Santoso, B. Com

written in response to “Tea with two masters” by Yenche