Friday, December 31, 2004

Satellite Photos of Banda Aceh After the Tsunami provided by Digital Globe

Satellite Photos of Banda Aceh Before the Tsunami provided by Digital Globe

Thursday, December 30, 2004

The culprit is....???

A week ago, we left a plate of corn fritters on the kitchen table at night. In the morning, two pieces of corn fritters were missing. My friend thought that I ate the fritters in the middle of the night so she didn't comment about the missing fritters. I didn't even realise that the fritters were missing.

On the following day, the maid asked whether I liked the corn fritters she fried for us. I said that I didn't like them that much. Then the maid asked, "If you don't like them, why did you eat all the corn fritters?"

"Hey...I did not! I ate only one! I don't know who ate the rest of them"

My friend said, "I thought you were hungry and ate them that night."

If I didn't eat them, then who or what did? We started guessing. Could it be a rat, a cat, a big gecko, or lizard? The question is how it get into the house since most of entry points like roof and draining system are sealed.

A few days later, the maid found one of the missing fritters under the oven. Hmmm down to two possibilities, either a rat or a big gecko because a cat definitely would not fit under the oven.
My friend bet that it had to be a big gecko while I bet that it was a rat.

Two days ago we bought a rat trap, the type with very strong glue. We used dried squid as a bait and we put the rat trap under the oven. About 10PM, we finally caught the culprit for the missing fritters! YIPPPEEEE! I WON THE BET! IT WAS A RAT!

We threw the rat trap outside and got rid of that naughty rat!

We suspected that there could be another rat running around the house. We would buy another rat trap today and see if we could catch another one tonight :)

With the rat caught, at least I am free from an accusation of eating corn fritters in the middle of the night.

  1. Don't be too quick in accusing someone of something. You might be wrong!
  2. It doesn't matter if you seal every point of entry into your house and yet open the door for pests to come in :)
  3. If you notice something unusual, talk to someone and don't just stay quiet because it may be something very important
Learn and Grow!

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

My Christmas Present

My Christmas Present

This present was given by a very good friend of mine. He is very thoughtful in choosing this present. I’d like him to know that I really appreciate his gift. Thank you Firnai!

My reflections about gifts:

  1. It is about giving generously and receiving gracefully.
  2. The gift itself may not be as important as the meaning and intention of the giver, so learn to see beyond what you can see.
  3. A thoughtful gift is better than a lavish and expensive gift because the giver has YOU in mind when choosing the gift.
  4. Share your gifts with others and spread the joy!

Learn and Grow!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

A Puzzle for Santa

If the fan does not fit in the sock, what should Santa Claus do?
See the photo for the answer :)

Be creative and have fun this Christmas!

Learn and Grow!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

First of all, let me wish you a joyous Christmas filled with peace, love and happiness!

We may have gone through a lot of hardships and trials this year, but I hope that this season will remind us to be grateful about the love, joy and happiness we also have experienced all these while.

Let's us rejoice that we still have the opportunity to celebrate this Christmas with people that we love and care about. Let's us be glad that we still can share the joy of Christmas with others.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Photo Blog for MQ Tour to China

If you are interested in looking at some pictures of our group while travelling in China, please go this site:

Sunday, December 05, 2004

MQ Tour to China...What An Interesting Experience! Thank you Aa Gym!

Friday, December 03, 2004

Not Telling the Whole Truth = Being Dishonest

Yesterday the tour guide said that we were going to go to the Windows of the World and it would take about one hour to get there due to traffic jam. This morning however, they took us to a souvenir shop without telling us in advance. No wonder that they insisted that we left the hotel earlier because we would waste time looking at these souvenirs! Most of us felt very upset because the tour guide deceived us by not telling the truth.

This is the second time that they didn't tell us the whole truth. Yesterday when we visited the cultural village, they had two photographers taking photos. At first they said that they would give us one free family photo. They did give us one photo, size 3R. Then they asked us to buy the whole set (5R group photo, photo on a plate, and framed family photo)for RMB 220. It's just too expensive! I didn’t buy because I felt cheated.

I think they know inside their heart that what they do would displease us, thus they didn't tell the whole truth.

In my opinion, not telling the whole truth means being dishonest. These people justified themselves that they are not lying because they did give us the free photo, they did take us to visit the Wonders of the World. But somehow we still feel cheated and disappointed.

After the whole episode, I don't trust them anymore. I don't think I would do business with them again in the future because they value money more than relationship.

This act of dishonesty has cost them more than they realise...losing trust, business, relationship, and much more.


1. Be honest by telling the whole truth and not half-truth.

2. Trust is very important in any relationship and trust is built through honesty.

Learn and Grow!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Lion Air Tragedy

1 December 2004

Yesterday evening, Lion Air flight from Jakarta to Solo crashed during landing. I didn't know the details about the accident because I was on a trip to China. I heard that it was due to heavy rain that made landing difficult. Last night, it was reported that 31 people died and more than 60 people were injured.

When I heard about the crash, my first concern was whether there are people that I know were on that plane. Last night the fact was patchy but this morning unfortunately I heard that my friend's father was on that flight and he died. I felt so sorry for my friend. It is hard to lose someone that's close to you.

When I think about life and death, and see that life is so transient, I feel that we as human beings are really small, fragile and we are nothing but temporary travellers. We don't even know when the journey will end and how it will end. We can however decide how to live our lives. We can make sure that our journey is a great adventure and our lives are fulfilling, benefiting others, full of love and joy. We can leave a legacy that we make a difference, we touch and enrich people's lives, all in positive ways.

1. Live today as it is our last day. Use our time to do good, to be kind, and to love those who are close to us because we don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Leave a beautiful memory to those we love. Don't wait until tomorrow, make a difference today.
2. Have faith in God.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Oh My Watch...Thank You!

A few days ago I went to buy a pack of chewing gum at Watson. While queuing to pay at the cashier, I saw a ladies watch lying on top of some chocolate display. At first I hesitated to ask the lady queuing in front of me whether it was her watch because I thought someone else could do it, it was not my concern, it was probably not hers anyway, etc.

Then I remembered a story about
about four people: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it but Nobody did it.

So finally I asked the lady in front whether it was her watch. When she saw it, "Oh my watch...Thank you! Thank you!" Her face changed and lit up...she looked surprised and glad. She was surprised how the watch could have fallen without her realising it. Then she was very thankful that she got her watch back because even though the watch was not so expensive, it had so much sentimental value for her. She was thanking me for finding her watch and asking her.

When I saw her face lit up, I was also very happy. I am happy because I made a decision to care and pulled my courage to ask her.

1. Take the opportunity to help other people
2. Make a decision to care for others
3. Start with yourself to do good
4. Do the right things in this kind of situation. It means not keeping the watch for yourself :)
5. You become happy when you make other people happy

Learn and Grow!

Sunday, November 21, 2004

A trip to China?

Last week my father asked me to go with him to China. We will go on a tour with some friends and business collegues. At first, I really didn't want to go because I've had so many things in my mind. In addition, I already have appointments on the days we are supposed to go and I don't want to cancel them. My father convinced me to go because this trip would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I surely should not miss it! Finally I decided that I'd go on this trip.

Would this be really a great opportunity for me? I certainly hope so.
My father usually has a good intuition about where things are going...I hope he is going to be right again this time.

I will write my experience after the trip and I will share what I learn with all of you.

Take charge everybody!

Friday, November 19, 2004

My Document....Gone??!

This afternoon I tried my recently-installed Mozilla Firefox. I was prompted with user profile and I created a new profile called Renee. Then I found out that all my bookmarks were not imported to the new profile, so I decided to use the default profile and delete the Renee profile. When I was prompted to delete files, I just quickly clicked YES. Unfortunately, it also deleted files in My Document. When I realised what was happening, it was too late. I already lost most of my files.

I was shocked to see those files gone. I tried searching in my recycled bin...not there! Protected file...not there! Unerase, recover, restore...couldn't do it either! Finally I had to accept that those files are truly gone.

There is only one thing that I can do now...restoring my back-up files. Fortunately I recently back up my important files and documents. Last Monday I backed-up my Library, my Picture and Downloaded programs because I wanted to give those to my friend. My work file is mostly recoverable because it's holiday this week. My other files can also be restored from my monthly back-up files.

There is one thing that I must be really grateful. This morning I spent 4 hours writing an article. At first I didn't want to send it by email because today was holiday, but somehow something was nagging me inside so I decided to send that article to my collegue. I was so relieved that I sent it because otherwise my four-hour effort would be in vain.

I lost all my music files because I never back-up them because of the huge folder's size. I only organised those files it's all gone. I must rip them one-by-one again.

At least my situation is better than my friend's. One day she lost all of her files because her hard disk was corrupted due to hardware problem and must be formatted. I think what she regretted most is losing her photo collections. Anyway she learns her lesson and now backs up her files weekly :)

1. Always BACK-UP your important files and documents regularly. You will never regret spending time doing it.
2. Read carefully before you click anything.
3. Listen to your inner voice, it may save you later.
4. You never realise how important things can be until you lose them.

Learn and Grow!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Are you trying to please everybody?

I've known some close friends who often tries to please everybody. At the end they are the ones who seem to lose the most.

Trying to please everybody is a recipe for disaster.

You can try really hard to please everybody, but at the end you'll just feel miserable, trapped and squeezed in the middle. Nobody can ever please everybody! No matter how good you are, there will be those who disagree, disapprove, criticize, reject or simply don't like you.

The other day, a friend of mine said: "If everybody likes you or everybody hates you, there must be something wrong with you and you may need to worry about that. If most people like you, then it is good enough."

1. Trying to please everybody is futile.
2. Accept the fact that there will be people who disagree, criticize and reject you
3. The most important thing is whether you can live with yourself knowing that you've lived according to timeless values and principles


In the last few weeks, there were so many things that have happened in my life. Today I would like to talk about misunderstanding.

Sometimes other people misunderstood you because they simply do not know what you know.

Isn't it like our relationship with God? God knows everything while we don't. When things happen in our lives, we got hurt...sometimes we get angry and wonder why God let bad things happen in our lives. At that moment we may not know why it happens, but in the end we will realise and understand that it happens for our own good.

1. Sometimes it is OK to be misunderstood
2. Other people may blame you, look down on you, angry with you, have bad opinions about you...but remember to hold your head high as long as you can face yourself squarely in the mirror that you've done and given your best.
3. Everything happens for a reason...and if you learn something out of it, it is good for you.

Friday, October 15, 2004

My Experience with Lion Air - 2

I've had an interesting experience with Lion Air today.

First, my flight was delayed for almost one hour. Fortunately, I could wait in the airport lounge and enjoy the delicious snacks and drinks...all for free.

Second, when I boarded the plane and started looking for my seat, 22D, I found that somebody was already sitting there. It turned out that Lion Air issued two boarding tickets for that particular seat. When I was standing in the aisle waiting for the stewardess to solve that seating problem, I felt so uneasy because everybody has sat down and there seemed to be no empty seat. Finally the stewardess found me a seat at the front, 4E. I felt so glad when she showed me my seat, I thought I'd have to sit in the toilet HAHAHAHA The funny thing was that a few days ago, I told my friend that I might not get a seat and have to stay at her place longer. I need to remember to be careful with what I say.

Lesson to learn:
1. Be careful with what you say because it may come true. Visualisation is powerful.
2. Be patient and enjoy your time during delay...something good may come out of it.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Experience with Lion Air - 1

During my flight from Singapore to Jakarta, I had an "enlightening" experience. The incident started when the plane was getting ready for its final approach to Jakarta airport to land.

When the plane was descending and started taking its final approach, the altitude was still too high so the pilot made the descent quite rapidly. In its final descent to the runway, I noticed that the plane's altitude was still too high and it missed the landing mark. It was the middle of the runway and the plane had not landed. I started to wonder whether there was another runway further away (there isn't any) and I was quite suspicious of what was going on. Then I could feel and see that the plane started to go up again. Some passengers started screaming, some started praying and a few others anxiously tightening their seat belt. I prayed and tightened my seat belt :) After reaching a safe altitude, the plane turned around and made another pass to try to land for the second time. During that time, the pilot announced that there was an instruction from Tower to cancel the landing because there was another plane that was going to land. Frankly, I think that the pilot was lying because our plane wouldn't have approached the runway in the first place if there was another plane. It was a bad excuse! Simply illogical! Anyway the pilot succeeded in the second attempt.

I walked out of that plane feeling glad that God still give me another chance to live my life.

1. Trust God. Be grateful. Remember God's grace and mercy in our lives
2. Facing the possibility of death makes people realise what's really important in life.
3. Lying will only damage your reputation and others will not trust you.

Learn and grow!

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

When do you expect to get a stroke?

For the last couple of days, I've been having migraines. I thought it was ordinary migraines so I just took panadol to relieve the pain. I usually only need one or two tablets of panadol and the pain is gone. The last few days however, it was different because even after two tablets the throbbing was still there. Yesterday I finally decided to go and see a doctor.

The doctor took reading of my blood pressure twice...the first one was 140/90, still unsure he took another reading...wwhoooaa 150/100. I said: IMPOSSIBLE!! It can't be right! The doctor let me rest for a few minutes, then he got one of the nurses to take another reading. The nurse took the first reading (with disbelief expression), the second reading, then another...finally she said: 150/100. I said: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!
High blood pressure?? NO, it can't be true. However the fact remains: it's true :(

The funny thing is what the doctor said: you are so young, yet have such high blood pressure, when do you expect to get a stroke?

Excuse me, doctor...but I don't intend to get one :)

I suppose a change of lifestyle is in order :)

1. Take care of your health!
2. Sometimes it takes a shocking thing to happen to make you realise that something is important and that it demands your attention.
3. Reduce stress! Take it easy!
4. Don't strive for perfection...excellence is enough :)


Thursday, July 08, 2004

F&N Coffee Cream

Last week I bought three cans of F&N Coffee Cream soda for my sister. My mum asked me if she could drink one can, I said no because I bought them especially for my sister. I did not know that my parents like Coffee Cream, if I had known, I would've bought more.

When my parents, my sister and I went to our villa last Sunday, my sister brought a can of Coffee Cream and put it in the can holder in the car. When she has drunk a bit, my mum asked her to put the can in the front can holder. When my mum took the can, she commented how the can was almost empty already. Meanwhile I knew that my sister has drunk only one or two sip so it was impossible that the can was almost empty. Then I saw my mum started drinking the Coffee Cream. No wonder she said it was almost empty, she WAS EMPTYING the can herself :) HAHAHAHAHA

My dad, my sister and I were laughing so hard and we started teasing her about it. The funny thing was that she insisted that the can was really almost empty and she only drank a little bit though we knew otherwise. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We haven't gone out together like this for a long time. Our family had a really great time that day. I absolutely enjoyed those moments we shared together.

1. Treasure the precious moments you share with your family
2. No matter how busy you are, make time to be together with your family
3. Remember to have fun together
4. Share...share...share even your favourite drinks :) HAHAHAHA


Saturday, July 03, 2004


This morning I showed my blog to some friends. When they saw the picture of Uti (Uti - in memoriam), one of them asked whether I had received another photo of Uti which she has scanned and sent by email. I said that I didn't receive any email from her. She started arguing that she has emailed me and she even received a reply. I asked her to show me those emails.

When I saw the emails, I just started laughing HAHAHAHA. It turned out that she sent them to the wrong email address! She sent the photos to someone called josefine_i***.
When she got a reply from josefine_i*** asking who she is, she thought it was me playing joke on her. She replied: this is sweet and cute ***** :P


It turned out that all of them put down josefine_i*** as my email address.
I wonder who passed on this false information in the first place :)

Anyway we all have a good laugh...definitely needed after a long and busy week. HAHAHA

1. Before sending any email, check whether the address is correct
2. If you receive any information, especially from a third party, always VERIFY first!
3. Laughter is really a good medicine :D

Learn! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Poor Uti!

July 1 - 22.00
I think my other rabbit, Uti is dying. It's been sick for a few days. I really hope that Uti is going to be fine.

July 2 - 06.10
I don't think Uti is going to survive. At the moment Uti is just lying there...breathing heavily...looking so weak. Poor Uti!

July 2 - 06.36
Uti has died.
After my dad went to see and touch Uti, it died. It seems that Uti was waiting for my dad. Mum and I cried.

Although Uti has been with our family for only 2 months, it has brought a lot of joy to our lives. We witnessed its birth, its growth. We enjoyed watching Uti learning to jump for the first time. Playing with Uti has been fun too.

Now Uti has gone...Goodbye Uti! Thank you for being part of our lives.

1. Life is so transient
2. Sometimes we never know how much we love someone or something until we lost that someone or something.Never take anything for granted, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow or even in the next second. Treasure it...appreciate grateful for it.
3. Don't wait until it's too your love now!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Balcethuk Incident

I have a 3-week-old baby rabbit, its name is Balcethuk (golf ball) because its colour is white with black ears.

Yesterday Balcethuk created a big problem. Mum brought Balcethuk to my study room and let it have fun exploring. While my mum, my friend and I had an interesting discussion, Balcethuk suddenly disappeared. When we realised that Balcethuk was missing, we started looking for it. We looked behind the wasn't there. It also wasn't behind the stack of my photography equipments. We just couldn't find it in the whole room. Then my friend, CL, took the initiative and peeked behind the bookcase...AAAHHH BALCETHUK WAS THERE, STUCK! The space between the wall and the bookcase was too small for Balcethuk to turn around while it couldn't move backward.

The problem was how to get Balcethuk out of there. It would have been simple if it is just a small bookcase, it is however a HUGE bookcase! It's L-shape, length 2.4m and 2.1m, width 0.4m, height 2.6m...and full of books! Imagine the weight!

At first we tried to get a long stick/pole, slided it through the gap and attempted to drag Balcethuk backward. It didn't work because Balcethuk was really at the very corner where the gap was most narrow. We were also afraid if we hurt it with the pole.

We tried to come up with other alternatives, but they didn't seem to work. At the end we chose to move the bookcase! We started to remove everything from the bookcase, all the books, photo albums, etc and piled them all over the house. It was only after we took down everything we were able to move the bookcase and rescued Balcethuk!

When we freed Balcethuk, it was so happy and started jumping all over the place, we hurriedly caught it before it created another problem. We were glad that we were able to save Balcethuk. YES! Mission accomplished!

But when I saw the huge pile of books and other stuff all over the house, I started to despair thinking about the hard work to put them back. I can only console myself by thinking that since everything is out anyway, I might as well rearrange and reorganise everything :) HAHAHA.Frankly I was truly amazed by the storage capacity of that bookcase. I will show you some pictures later so that you can see the extend of this problem.

1. ALWAYS keep an eye on your pet! NEVER let it wander out of your sight!
2. If you want to find something, look everywhere, no matter how remote it may seem.
3. Love demands sacrifices (Our love for Balcethuk requires hard works and sacrifices)
4. Make the best out of any circumstances (instead of being so distressed looking at the huge piles of stuff, it may be the right time to rearrange them HAHAHA)

Thanks to Balcethuk for today's lessons!

Learn and Grow!


The bookcase in the Balcethuk incident

Piles of books mentioned in the Balcethuk incident

The L-shape bookcase

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Yep...that's me 27 years ago :P  Posted by Hello

Thank you! Cheers!

For all my friends...I want to THANK YOU for your prayers, wishes, SMS, cards, ecards, emails, cakes, gifts and many more. I feel so blessed to have friends like you :)

What?! The door is locked?!

Last night I was teasing my friend by pretending to lock her in her room. I turned the key twice to let her hear that her door was securely locked. Actually when I turned the key twice, I turned it clockwise then the door was not actually locked :) My friend was shouting from inside the room...Hey!!! Don't lock the door!!! When she reached the door, she tried to yank the door and loooo it was open! I was laughing so hard watching her facial expression at that moment. HAHAHAHAHA

Almost midnight I went back to my room to sleep. You know what?! THE DOOR WAS LOCKED! The outer door to my bedroom was locked! I tried to open it with my spare key, but to no avail because the key was hanging on the other side. AARRRGGGHHH!!!!

I went back to the room where my friend was staying and told her about the locked door. She was laughing so hard...huh? so who had the last laughs here?? THE JOKE WAS ON ME!

3 options:
1. sleep on the couch
2. sleep in my sister's room
3. sleep in my friend's room (definitely the worst option of all three!!!) HAHAHA

At the end I didn't need to choose one of those three mum woke up and opened the connection door HAHAHAHA

It turned out my parents accidently locked the outer connection door! They thought I was inside sleeping so they locked the door.

Be careful when you do a practical joke on someone...the joke could be on you!

Learn and grow!

Saturday, June 26, 2004


I lost my temper.

The story:
This morning I put in 2 rolls of films to be developed and printed. They asked for a deposit, I gave them the full amount instead. This evening when I asked my driver to pick up the photos, they said that I hadn't paid for those photos. They said I had to pay before they gave me the photos. When they said that I had not paid nor put any deposit, I lost my temper and started speaking harshly. At the end, they checked and found that they were mistaken. They found the invoice for the full amount I paid.

I haven't lost my temper like this for a long time. After I gave this incident more thoughts, I regret what I did. I shouldn't have lost control of myself. What's worse was that I lost my temper in front of many people. At the end, I called the shop assistant and apologised for speaking so harshly.

1. Anger is usually followed by regret and guilt
2. Don't lost temper in public :)
3. Don't be afraid to admit and apologise for your mistakes
4. Hmm remember PMA
5. Be proactive and not reactive to any situation

Don't make the same mistake...Learn my friend!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

A Few Good Men

This morning I played golf with a few good men :)
One is my dad, one is my mentor and one is my good friend.
They are all great men and they have taught me a lot about life.
They are all my role models in life.

What have I learned from them?
1. I learn to love...they've shown me what love truly is!
2. I learn to serve...they've shown me the joy of serving others
3. I learn about integrity...they've shown me how they walk their talk in life and how to do the right things
4. I learn about 100% commitment...they always give their best in everything they do
5. I learn about leadership...although they have different leadership styles, they are nonetheless great leaders in their fields
6. I learn to be positive...their positive mental attitude are contagious
7. I learn about discipline and responsibility
8. I learn the importance of honesty and trust
9. I learn to think big and realise big dreams...they've shown me that nothing is impossible...just think, work hard, persist, believe and pray!
10. I learn to be grateful
11. I learn to appreciate and enjoy life
12. I learn to love learning...they never cease learning
so many much more...

I am really grateful that I have such great role models in life.

If any of you read this web log...

Learn and Grow!

Saturday, June 12, 2004

PMA is a must-have attitude!

Yesterday my flight was delayed.

At 16.20 the ground staff at the airport asked all passengers to board the plane. By 16.30, all the passengers have been seated. I buckled my seat belt...READY TO GO.
Looooooooo 10 minutes....20 minutes....nothing, the plane hadn't moved an inch. The passengers started to get restless.

30 ground staff boarded the plane and started counting the passengers
35 minutes....another ground staff started counting the passengers
40 minutes....another count
45 minutes....two ground staffs made another count...yep yep 1,2,3,4...
50 minutes....whooooooaaa another count!!!
60 minutes....finally they announced that we are ready to GO! HAHAHAHA

While they were counting the passengers, there were a few passengers who were annoyed by the delay, but there were those who decided to be positive and made some funny remarks.

"hey...anyone boarded the wrong plane??"
"how about everybody started counting loudly 1,2,3 from the back and help the ground staff count??"
"show your ticket please? boarding pass everyone!!"
"ground you need help counting?"
"any stowaway here?"
"here we go...another computer breakdown...back to manual counting! hey, does anyone know to count manually?"

Most passengers started was great and fun being in the middle of it!!

At first I was annoyed that the plane was delayed, but after those funny remarks I was glad that the plane was delayed. I haven't had so much fun lately and definitely not during a delayed flight. HAHAHAHA

There are so many things that we can learn from this incident:
1. positive mental attitude (PMA) is extremely important...we can even have fun during most uncomfortable times!
2. PMA is a choice...we can choose to be positive in any situation, be glad and happy. Sometimes it is difficult to be positive, but a wise man once said "Difficult doesn't mean that it cannot be done!"
3. Join the fun! Smile! Laugh! HAHAHAHA
4. Positive environment can help you to be more positive, but negative environment can influence you to be choose your friends wisely!
5. Remember the basics...because sometimes we forget that we need to get back to basics when things don't work out. We tend to be so dependent on technology nowadays and we take so many things for granted.

if your plane is delayed...choose PMA and have fun!
if things don't go as you've planned...choose PMA and be glad!
if your computer crashes...choose PMA and ....?



Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Incident at a friend's wedding party

Last Sunday I attended a friend's wedding party. While the bride was meeting with the groom near the entrance to the hall, two confetties were shot to the ceiling. Wow! It was an awesome display!!! But you know what?? The two confetties made 2 holes on the ceiling! Hmmm...additional cost :) One more thing: they can't deny that the incident was not caused by them because some of the confetti ribbons were hanging obvious! HAHAHAHA

1. first look and aim properly before you shoot
2. when you shoot a confetti, make sure that the ceiling is high enough
3. always be prepared for additional cost and expenses :)

I strongly suggest everybody to learn the first lesson: TAKE AIM! SET GOALS!
After you set your goals...then follow Nike's slogan JUST DO IT!

Learn and Grow my friends!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Yesterday I went to a department store to buy something. There are lots of store assistants offering various perfumes, Bvlgari, CK, Gucci, and many more. They all wanted me to test, sniff and smell...some even grabbed my arm when I wanted to leave the shop. I wonder whether they are either so motivated or so desperate.
Anyway when I tried some of the perfumes...there was one specific scent that reminded me of an instant, the memories, sensations, and feelings all surfaced and affected me immensely. All of the sudden, I was angry and upset! Imagine that! Just one specific scent and all my emotions went crazy, reacting so fast.

One specific thing, it may be a sound, touch, picture, smell or taste...and it can instantly affect your body, your feelings, your emotions.

Are you aware of all the anchors inside of you? may be NOT...but try to identify as many as possible so that you won't be so reactive to outside stimuli. If you know the anchors inside of you, then you'll be more proactive and you can start learning to master yourself.

Learn and Grow!

Sunday, May 30, 2004

be grateful

Today I went to an orphanage for babies 1 month to 2 years old.
This is my first visit to an orphanage. I usually avoid going to orphanage because I don't feel comfortable. After the visit and watching those babies...I just can't feel anything but being grateful that I have parents who love me.

I really pity those babies...not enough people taking care of them...they stink, their skins are dry, not enough toys.

So what have I learned today? TO BE GRATEFUL! Especially for having such a great, wonderful, loving and supportive parents and family.

If you ever feel sorry about yourself, I'd suggest for you to go and visit orphanages or old people's homes...then you won't pity yourself anymore because there are so many people who are more unfortunate than you are!

When you think less about yourself and think more about others, you'll be able to see life from a new perspective and you'll sure feel better about yourself. If you are willing to help and lend a hand, you'll feel even better!

Learn and Grow!

Thursday, May 27, 2004


to live is to learn and to learn is to live

from birth to death, no one ever stop do I and so do you!
if anyone can learn from any single event in can can you!