Tuesday, July 13, 2004

When do you expect to get a stroke?

For the last couple of days, I've been having migraines. I thought it was ordinary migraines so I just took panadol to relieve the pain. I usually only need one or two tablets of panadol and the pain is gone. The last few days however, it was different because even after two tablets the throbbing was still there. Yesterday I finally decided to go and see a doctor.

The doctor took reading of my blood pressure twice...the first one was 140/90, still unsure he took another reading...wwhoooaa 150/100. I said: IMPOSSIBLE!! It can't be right! The doctor let me rest for a few minutes, then he got one of the nurses to take another reading. The nurse took the first reading (with disbelief expression), the second reading, then another...finally she said: 150/100. I said: HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?!
High blood pressure?? NO, it can't be true. However the fact remains: it's true :(

The funny thing is what the doctor said: you are so young, yet have such high blood pressure, when do you expect to get a stroke?

Excuse me, doctor...but I don't intend to get one :)

I suppose a change of lifestyle is in order :)

1. Take care of your health!
2. Sometimes it takes a shocking thing to happen to make you realise that something is important and that it demands your attention.
3. Reduce stress! Take it easy!
4. Don't strive for perfection...excellence is enough :)


Thursday, July 08, 2004

F&N Coffee Cream

Last week I bought three cans of F&N Coffee Cream soda for my sister. My mum asked me if she could drink one can, I said no because I bought them especially for my sister. I did not know that my parents like Coffee Cream, if I had known, I would've bought more.

When my parents, my sister and I went to our villa last Sunday, my sister brought a can of Coffee Cream and put it in the can holder in the car. When she has drunk a bit, my mum asked her to put the can in the front can holder. When my mum took the can, she commented how the can was almost empty already. Meanwhile I knew that my sister has drunk only one or two sip so it was impossible that the can was almost empty. Then I saw my mum started drinking the Coffee Cream. No wonder she said it was almost empty, she WAS EMPTYING the can herself :) HAHAHAHAHA

My dad, my sister and I were laughing so hard and we started teasing her about it. The funny thing was that she insisted that the can was really almost empty and she only drank a little bit though we knew otherwise. HAHAHAHAHAHA

We haven't gone out together like this for a long time. Our family had a really great time that day. I absolutely enjoyed those moments we shared together.

1. Treasure the precious moments you share with your family
2. No matter how busy you are, make time to be together with your family
3. Remember to have fun together
4. Share...share...share even your favourite drinks :) HAHAHAHA


Saturday, July 03, 2004


This morning I showed my blog to some friends. When they saw the picture of Uti (Uti - in memoriam), one of them asked whether I had received another photo of Uti which she has scanned and sent by email. I said that I didn't receive any email from her. She started arguing that she has emailed me and she even received a reply. I asked her to show me those emails.

When I saw the emails, I just started laughing HAHAHAHA. It turned out that she sent them to the wrong email address! She sent the photos to someone called josefine_i***.
When she got a reply from josefine_i*** asking who she is, she thought it was me playing joke on her. She replied: this is sweet and cute ***** :P


It turned out that all of them put down josefine_i***@hotmail.com as my email address.
I wonder who passed on this false information in the first place :)

Anyway we all have a good laugh...definitely needed after a long and busy week. HAHAHA

1. Before sending any email, check whether the address is correct
2. If you receive any information, especially from a third party, always VERIFY first!
3. Laughter is really a good medicine :D

Learn! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Poor Uti!

July 1 - 22.00
I think my other rabbit, Uti is dying. It's been sick for a few days. I really hope that Uti is going to be fine.

July 2 - 06.10
I don't think Uti is going to survive. At the moment Uti is just lying there...breathing heavily...looking so weak. Poor Uti!

July 2 - 06.36
Uti has died.
After my dad went to see and touch Uti, it died. It seems that Uti was waiting for my dad. Mum and I cried.

Although Uti has been with our family for only 2 months, it has brought a lot of joy to our lives. We witnessed its birth, its growth. We enjoyed watching Uti learning to jump for the first time. Playing with Uti has been fun too.

Now Uti has gone...Goodbye Uti! Thank you for being part of our lives.

1. Life is so transient
2. Sometimes we never know how much we love someone or something until we lost that someone or something.Never take anything for granted, you never know what's going to happen tomorrow or even in the next second. Treasure it...appreciate it...be grateful for it.
3. Don't wait until it's too late...express your love now!