Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coffee Art

coffee art

A spark of creativity that influences others.

A few days ago, I saw on Channel News Asia that a Singaporean artist used instant coffee to paint. Her paintings are awesome. I decided to try and that was one of the paintings that I did yesterday. Do you know that you can still smell the aroma of coffee? 

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Journal Cover

This is my latest journal cover. I created the cover using the tool at Wanokoto website. It turns your photo into old-newspaper-looking photo. I use a wide elastic band to hold the book close, just like a moleskine.

Although I want a moleskine but it is so expensive here in Indonesia, around USD 25 each. Moleskine is like the Mercedes Benz of notebook while mine is like a Honda City that cost me less than USD 3. Although it is not a moleskine, it serves its purpose well.

Sometimes I wonder if I have  a moleskine, would I write as freely as I do now? Would I treasure is so much until I dare not write in it?

Perhaps I am not ready for a moleskine yet. I am sure that the time will come when I am going to write in a moleskin.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Long Kite and Success Principle

Long Kite Flying

Yesterday near my house, I saw some people flying a very long kite. It was amazing. The tail was about 60-70 meters long. It needed at least 6 people to fly it. These people travel from town to town to compete in kite flying competition. The biggest competition is in Bali where they fly huge kites at the beach where the wind is strongest.

We can learn a very important success principle from flying a kite. It is the principle of rising in the face of adversity. The stronger the wind, the higher the kite will fly.

In life, we often avoid or run from adversity because we see it as an obstacle that prevents us from getting what we want in life. We see adversity as a problem that makes things difficult for us.

Rising in the face of adversity challenges us to think differently. We see adversity as something that makes us stronger and better. It is the fire that forges the iron. Adversity also acts as a filter to let people who are really determined to succeed to rise above others. If we truly want to succeed, we should be grateful for adversity because it makes us sharper and it reduces competition. :)

Rise and Fly High!

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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Rascal is a very smart and cute dog. I really enjoy his company while recovering from my surgery in Singapore. He followed me everywhere. When I was resting in my room, he also slept next to the bed. When I went to the bathroom, he waited in front of the bathroom door.

The funniest thing was when I was wearing particular track pants, he thought my pants were a female dog and he really went for it. Perhaps my pants had scents from our dogs in Solo. HAHAHA I had a video of it (censor needed for those under 18 years old)

Dogs are people best friends. No wonder there are so many recommendations to have a pet to relieve stress and depression. They can be so loving, accepting and devoted to you. 

Lesson: Have a pet and learn about love :)

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Friday, September 12, 2008

My Hospital Stay

I am sorry that I have not written a lot lately because I had a minor surgery last week.


That is the photo of my hand when I was in hospital last week. The IV drip was so cool. When the IV bag is almost empty, the alarm sounds beep beep beep and the nurse will come in just a few minutes. If the nurse wants to inject something straight to my blood stream, just open the blue cap and shoot.


This is the photo of hospital bed that I stayed for two nights. The bed can be adjusted in so many ways, up and down, head up head down, leg up leg down, etc. I actually played with it a bit before the surgery. HAHAHA

The blue color thing on the bed is the hospital gown. It was not as bad as I thought it would. Well, at least it covered my back completely, unlike in movies where they can see your backside.

This is my first stay in hospital and I hope it’s the last time too.

What did I learn ?

  • Health care is extremely expensive! Get a health insurance!
  • No matter how good the hospital and its facilities, it is still a hospital! It’s NOT a hotel!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

For Your Amusement – Futile Hand Washing


A few days ago I had an injection on my left hand while getting an MRI. There was only a small puncture hole and I didn’t notice any bruises. It was good because I often got bruises when they took my blood in the past.

This evening before dinner while I was washing my hand, I noticed some dirt on my left hand, so I washed, I scrubbed and scrubbed, but it did not come off. It was only after awhile that I realized that it was not dirt nor stain, but it was a bruise from the needle puncture. HAHAHA No wonder I could not clean it!

Even if I had followed the instruction on how to wash my hand properly, I would not have succeeded HAHAHAHA


Smile…Laugh…Be Happy!

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