Friday, October 15, 2004

My Experience with Lion Air - 2

I've had an interesting experience with Lion Air today.

First, my flight was delayed for almost one hour. Fortunately, I could wait in the airport lounge and enjoy the delicious snacks and drinks...all for free.

Second, when I boarded the plane and started looking for my seat, 22D, I found that somebody was already sitting there. It turned out that Lion Air issued two boarding tickets for that particular seat. When I was standing in the aisle waiting for the stewardess to solve that seating problem, I felt so uneasy because everybody has sat down and there seemed to be no empty seat. Finally the stewardess found me a seat at the front, 4E. I felt so glad when she showed me my seat, I thought I'd have to sit in the toilet HAHAHAHA The funny thing was that a few days ago, I told my friend that I might not get a seat and have to stay at her place longer. I need to remember to be careful with what I say.

Lesson to learn:
1. Be careful with what you say because it may come true. Visualisation is powerful.
2. Be patient and enjoy your time during delay...something good may come out of it.