Wednesday, April 13, 2005

ATM Card and Honesty

On the way to work, my friend and I decided to withdraw some money through ATM. After queuing for a few minutes, I went to one of the ATM machines. When I was going to insert my card, I saw a message on the screen "Do you want to continue for another transaction?" I suddenly realised that the person before me has left her ATM card. I hurriedly pressed 'NO', took the card and ran outside shouting "Has anybody left his/her ATM card?". One person told me that the card owner just went inside her car and started to drive away. I ran chasing the car, waving the ATM card. I managed to return the ATM card to its owner who was definitely too glad and relieved to get her card back until she forgot to say anything and just drove away.

It was only after I walked back to ATM stations that I noticed how people were looking at me with puzzled look on their faces. I wonder what they were thinking at that time. Perhaps they were thinking about how stupid I was to pass such a good opportunity for an easy money. Perhaps they were thinking that there are still honest people around these days. Perhaps they were just stunned to see me chasing a car in the parking lot, waving a card.

After the whole episode, I started to think about what had just happened. I felt good about myself and was able to see myself in a better light. I supposed it was because the good inside me has prevailed! Although I did feel a tiny stint of regret for passing an opportunity during my reflection of the incident, indeed I was pleased with myself that I didn't even think of doing that when I realised someone has left his/her ATM card.

These kinds of incidents sometimes make me wonder whether I was tested for something. I wonder whether my choices and decisions under these circumstances would determine the course and direction of my life. I often ask myself, "Did I pass the test?" or "Have I made the right decision?" In this case, I believed that I have passed the test and made the right decision!

1. Life presents a lot of opportunity to do good or evil, you have the freedom to chose either good or evil. Let the good inside you prevails and build your character around it.
2. You will feel better about yourself when you do the right things. Although doing the right thing may not be easy, it will enable you to stand tall and proud in front of the mirror.
3. Honesty is a virtue.

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Inge Santoso

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Right Tool For A Task

Last week, my friend and I went to buy those blue saw. They cost around 15 cent each, definitely cheaper than a big saw that cost more than 3 dollars.

This morning I used those blue saw to saw a plywood. It was a nightmare. It took me 45 minutes of hardwork to cut 1.2 m long. Not only it cost me a sore arm, I was also troubled when one of them broke before I finished the task.

If I ever do this again, I'll make sure that I get a proper saw.

1. Get the right tool to get the task done.
2. Although it may be cheaper in term of price, it may actually cost more in terms of time, health or emotional state.

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Mr. Mogul and Car Key

Last Wednesday, Mr. Mogul was assigned to chauffeur my sister for a day. There was no problem during the time when he picked up my sister from the airport until sending her to the buyer's office. It was only after he went back and parked the car, the incident occurred.

After parking the car, Mr. Mogul started to wash it. When he opened the luggage to get his bucket of washing kit, he absentmindedly put the car key in the luggage and closed the door. It should've been alright had he not locked the doors as well!

When he reported this incident to the office, he was told to go home because he was not allowed to drive without a driver licence which he also left inside the car.

It was not the first time he forgot about things. He often forgets where he put the car key, where he parks the car, where he keeps his wallet...the list goes on and on :)

1. Never leave a car key inside the car, take it with you all the time.
2. If you know that you often misplaces things, have a discipline in putting things back to its original place.

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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Pope John Paul II

Picture - courtesy of MSNBC

After a few days in critical condition, Pope John Paul II died last Saturday. I mourn for him.

I consider myself as one of the lucky ones who have seen him in person. I didn't just see him from the window of his apartment but I was standing within 2 meters from him, inside St. Peter Basilica on November 27, 2000 during the year of Jubilee.

I wouldn't forget the day I saw the Pope. My sister and I were visiting Vatican on holiday. After touring the St. Peter Basilica we went to the post office to get some postcards and stamps. When I saw a picture of the Pieta by Bernini on one of the postcards, I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture of it. Therefore again I went inside to find and take picture of it. Once I was inside, the main door was closed and nobody was allowed to go in or out. I wondered what happened. Then suddenly the whole place seemed to explode with excitement, people started clapping and finally I realised what was going on. The Pope was there and I finally saw him in person!

When I saw him, I was overwhelmed by the experience. Words couldn't describe my feelings. I felt excited, elated and touched by the experience. My knees also felt very weak. I thank God for this wonderful and grand experience.

I consider myself very fortunate. First, that day was not his scheduled appearance, but I was there. Second, My sister and I went together to St. Peter Basilica, yet only I had the chance to see the Pope. Third, I already went outside but because I hadn't taken a picture of the Pieta, I went back and was able to take picture of the Pope. You can call it a coincidence, but for me it was a special gift from God.

There is no coincidence. All of your experiences have meanings. You may not realise the meaning at the time, but it will be revealed to you at the appropriate time.

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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Doctors' Hippocratic Oath

I always think that medical doctors are special people who are committed to help others. They help others to live better physically, mentally and emotionally. I know a lot of great doctors who take the Hippocratic Oath very seriously and practice medicine with a lot of dedication. I have a great respect towards them.

Recently I had a bad experience with one doctor. He was very cunning and deceitful. Instead of making things easier for others, he created problems and made people very upset. I've never thought that a doctor could do something like that. Does he not remember his Hippocratic oath? Does he think that taking the oath is just a meaningless ritual? I wonder what would become of him in the future. May God have mercy on him!

I believe that integrity is very important. Integrity is about walking the talk. In this case, it is about living according to the oath taken. Only by living with integrity that other people will trust you. Once you violate that trust, it is hard to regain it.

1. Live with integrity, especially the integrity of your profession.
2. It is not the profession that defines a person, it is the character that defines a man.

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