Tuesday, August 31, 2004

My Experience with Lion Air - 1

During my flight from Singapore to Jakarta, I had an "enlightening" experience. The incident started when the plane was getting ready for its final approach to Jakarta airport to land.

When the plane was descending and started taking its final approach, the altitude was still too high so the pilot made the descent quite rapidly. In its final descent to the runway, I noticed that the plane's altitude was still too high and it missed the landing mark. It was the middle of the runway and the plane had not landed. I started to wonder whether there was another runway further away (there isn't any) and I was quite suspicious of what was going on. Then I could feel and see that the plane started to go up again. Some passengers started screaming, some started praying and a few others anxiously tightening their seat belt. I prayed and tightened my seat belt :) After reaching a safe altitude, the plane turned around and made another pass to try to land for the second time. During that time, the pilot announced that there was an instruction from Tower to cancel the landing because there was another plane that was going to land. Frankly, I think that the pilot was lying because our plane wouldn't have approached the runway in the first place if there was another plane. It was a bad excuse! Simply illogical! Anyway the pilot succeeded in the second attempt.

I walked out of that plane feeling glad that God still give me another chance to live my life.

1. Trust God. Be grateful. Remember God's grace and mercy in our lives
2. Facing the possibility of death makes people realise what's really important in life.
3. Lying will only damage your reputation and others will not trust you.

Learn and grow!