Sunday, May 30, 2004

be grateful

Today I went to an orphanage for babies 1 month to 2 years old.
This is my first visit to an orphanage. I usually avoid going to orphanage because I don't feel comfortable. After the visit and watching those babies...I just can't feel anything but being grateful that I have parents who love me.

I really pity those babies...not enough people taking care of them...they stink, their skins are dry, not enough toys.

So what have I learned today? TO BE GRATEFUL! Especially for having such a great, wonderful, loving and supportive parents and family.

If you ever feel sorry about yourself, I'd suggest for you to go and visit orphanages or old people's homes...then you won't pity yourself anymore because there are so many people who are more unfortunate than you are!

When you think less about yourself and think more about others, you'll be able to see life from a new perspective and you'll sure feel better about yourself. If you are willing to help and lend a hand, you'll feel even better!

Learn and Grow!

Thursday, May 27, 2004


to live is to learn and to learn is to live

from birth to death, no one ever stop do I and so do you!
if anyone can learn from any single event in can can you!